Here’s a summer vacation idea in Queensland you may not have considered

When you think of summer holiday destinations, does your mind automatically go to the beach, hot weather and scorching summer sunshine? If so, you’re not alone. For most people, their summer vacation involves sweltering under a summer sun on a crowded beach in a tropical destination, or diving into a cool pool.

But sometimes those typical summer holidays don’t live up to their promise. Here’s why you should consider a cool mountain destination, not the beach, for your summer vacation this year.

What, no beach?

There’s nothing wrong with a summer holiday at the beach – as long as you don’t mind crowds, heat, humidity, and the chance of marine stingers and sunburn. Because, let’s face it, beach destinations are invariably popular in summer.

Which essentially means you’ll spend your time fighting for a spot on the sand, a place on a wave, some room in the pool, and a table at your lunchtime café or restaurant.

When there’s a lot of people crowded into a small and noisy area, it’s hard to find the peace and serenity that you’re often looking for.

If you have kids, it’s understandable that you’ll want to go to a destination where they have plenty of activities to keep them entertained. But do you really want to be dealing with sandy gear, sunburn, constant noise, and continual vigilance while your kids are swimming in the ocean?

If you do, great, stick with the beach. But if not, and you’d like to try somewhere different this year, why not consider heading away from the hot, crowded beach, and up to the mountains?

So, a mountain holiday?

Yes. Specifically, the Bunya Mountains. Located in Southeast Queensland, this mountaintop paradise soars over 1100 metres above sea level. This elevation drops the temperature five to seven degrees below the surrounding lowlands, making it a much cooler destination than the typical summer swelter.

At the Bunya Mountains you’ll be surrounded by cool, green rainforest, icy cold waterfalls and rock pools, stunning natural features, scenic escarpment views and a beautiful national park to explore.

What can you do?

There’s plenty to do at the Bunya Mountains – for both adults and children alike. Try:

  • Mountain biking on the newly constructed mountain bike trails through the scenic national park
  • Hand-feeding the friendly local king parrots and crimson rosellas, who are used to interacting with humans
  • Watching the plentiful native wildlife, such as wallabies, possums, dingoes, echidnas, native marsupials, lizards and over 200 species of birds
  • Walking on over 40km of walking tracks through the national park, exploring rockpools and waterfalls and enjoying the scenic views
  • Taking a swim in the nearby icy cold Coomba Falls
  • Taking a horse and cart ride around the mountain behind two enormous draught horses
  • Spotlighting native animals at night
  • Going stargazing in a registered dark sky area
  • Drinking in the views and watching the glorious sunrises and sunsets from the lookout points
  • Enjoying a bunya nut delicacy or plenty of other locally made treats at Poppies on the Hill Café
  • Playing tennis on the courts for hire or playing other outdoor sports (you’ll need to bring your own equipment)
  • Watching the fireflies in spring
  • Hunting for bunya nuts in summer
  • Taking a leisurely browse through the markets on the last Sunday of every month

Really, a Bunya Mountains holiday can be as activity-filled or as relaxing as you want. If you prefer to just chill out, relax and enjoy, the Bunya Mountains is the perfect place to recharge your batteries in a peaceful and scenic environment.

Where can you stay?

There are no hotels or motels on the Bunya Mountains – but you can stay in your very own home-away-from-home with a holiday rental. The Bunya Mountains Accommodation Centre rents out around 110 privately-owned holiday homes, catering for two people on a private retreat right up to 22 guests if you have a bigger group.

And you have the benefit of staying on your own property, rather than being crowded in by other hotel guests and surrounded by noise and activity. You can enjoy privacy, space for the kids to run and play, visits from the local wildlife and oodles of peace and serenity. Check out the accommodation here:

Is it expensive?

We get it – Christmas, end of year events and school holidays can get expensive, and you may not want to splash out a heap more cash on a summer holiday. Which makes the Bunya Mountains the perfect destination – because you can spend as much or as little as you want to.

For those on a tight budget, camping might be a great option – and there are plenty of lovely camping spots around the mountain to choose from. If you prefer a less rustic holiday, the Bunya Mountains Accommodation Centre’s properties range from a very reasonable $140 a night to $650 a night. It really depends on what you want to spend, and the type of accommodation and amenities you’re after – because the Centre’s properties will cater for all ends of the spectrum. Have a look at what’s on offer here:

So, don’t just settle for another beach holiday this year – take the chance to try something different, and relax, unwind and chill out in the blissfully cool temperatures and beautiful scenery of the Bunya Mountains. You won’t regret it!