Find the best CBD parking in Brisbane – here’s how

Driving your car is an easy and convenient way to get to where you want to go – but finding a parking space in the Brisbane CBD? That’s a very different matter!

There’s plenty to see and do in the Brisbane CBD – it’s a popular spot for tourists and visitors to Brisbane, plus many Brisbane locals commute to this vibrant business district. But the thought of trying to park there can be decidedly off-putting. Brisbane is a busy city, and parking spaces in the CBD are hard to come by – particularly if you don’t relish the idea of spending a fortune on parking.

Finding a car park in Brisbane’s crowded and busy inner-city area that’s convenient, affordable and safe can be a nightmare. For many of us, it’s often stressful, frustrating and perplexing to find suitable parking near your CBD destination. There’s very limited on-street parking in most areas of the CBD, and it fills up very quickly and will often cost you a small fortune if you need to be there for any length of time. Council carparks can be eye-wateringly expensive, with off-street parking costing anywhere from $35 – $95 a day, depending on location, security level and nearby amenities. Paying $30 for one hour of parking is not unheard of!

To make it even more challenging, your other options – parking miles away from your destination and walking, or catching public transport – are not always viable. And no one wants to spend their limited and valuable time circling the area to find a suitable carpark.

No, when you park in the Brisbane CBD, you need to go in with a plan – particularly if being on time is necessary. Because there are better solutions to parking in the CBD for those who need to or prefer to drive, or who need longer term or more readily available parking. There are plenty of commercial carpark locations within the Brisbane CBD, which provide convenient and secure parking with no fuss, hassle or stress. No more hunting vainly for a carpark or stressing about where to park – just quick, easy and safe parking in a commercial carpark.

The best of these carparks offers lower cost parking without sacrificing convenience or safety, as well as offering pre-booking options – such as First Parking carparks. With close to 1000 safe and secure carparks spread over five handy locations, First Parking offers a stress-free and convenient solution to Brisbane’s CBD parking problems. First Parking’s state-of-the-art licence plate recognition technology makes it easy and quick to enter, exit and pay

without having to mess around with parking tickets or credit cards. Your licence plate is read, your nominated credit card is charged, and away you go! Plus, you can enjoy unlimited entries and exits to secure carparks. And with a simple flat rate for parking, plus the opportunity to save more with discount packages, parking in a First Parking carpark will help you save those all-important dollars. Not to mention the time, stress and hassle it will save – and we all know the impact stress can have on our health.

If you’re looking for a convenient and no-stress parking solution, look no further than First Parking – a simply better carpark solution. Don’t be put off by the thought of parking in the Brisbane CBD – it can be a simple, convenient and affordable process with First Parking! Find your next carpark here: