Real Estate Agent Manor Lakes

Real Estate Agents in Manor Lakes

Manor Lakes is a beautiful suburb located West side of Melbourne. This is a rapidly growing suburb with peace & secure surroundings.

There are a couple of Real estate Agents in Manor lakes offering different sizes of properties – old & new homes & commercial properties.

If you are an investor OR a new home buyer. You can get high returns if you invest in fast-growing suburbs like Manot lakes, Mambourin, Wyndham vale & Werribee, etc.,

Manor lakes real estate is fast growing

Lots of new home developments are there in Manor Lakes. If you want to consult THE BEST Real estate agent in Manor lakes I have a strong recommendation. ‘Taney Jain’ is the real estate agent I approached. His service till the handing over the keys is excellent.

Contact details:

Taney Jain

Call: 0433465431

Real estate profile:

I am a new home buyer who was brought home recently in Wyndham vale which is a walkable distance to Manor lakes. My nearest shopping centre is Manor lakes shopping centre.

What makes my interest in Manor Lakes and Wyndham vale:

These suburbs are perfect for families

Nearby schools

Good for shopping

Perfect transport – Bus stops and Vline trains. By Vline train I can reach Melbourne CBD in around 35 minutes.

Safe neighbourhood

And other things

Manor lakes ticks all the checkboxes for perfect residential dream homes.

I believe that my advice can surely answer some (OR all) of your questions.

Manor lakes real estate Agent search

When you want to buy/sell a property in Manor lakes, think about your requirements & expectations first.

The real estate agent should have the qualities:

Good communication


Knowledge over real estate industry

Knowledge about property quality

Good evaluation etc.,

If you Google for agents in Manor lakes, Wyndham vale you can find many. But how to pick one?


Go through the Real estate agent reviews. Know what previous clients of the real estate agent are saying about him/her.

Talk to them

Call the agent and explain your requirement. Through the phone call chat, you can estimate what kind of expertise they have & whether they can cater for your needs or not.

Proceed with them