How to find hidden jobs

A large proportion of all vacancies are never advertised before they are filled. Here you get tips on how to find jobs that do not exist.

A couple of years ago, the employment service conducted a survey that shows that approximately 20 percent of all vacancies end up at the employment service and the remaining 80 percent are so-called hidden jobs that are filled via contacts and spontaneous applications.

How do you find these hidden jobs? It is about keeping an eye on the market and having active external monitoring:

It can be said that in every daily newspaper there is at least one hidden job. It could be an article about a company that is going to establish itself in your city or that a company is doing well and has increased its turnover. Call the company in question and make a spontaneous application with the motivation that you read that things are going well for them. In this way, you are out in good time and have time to make your application before vacancies are posted. In addition, it is an advantage to keep track of society at large. 

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is it not difficult to apply for a job that may not exist?

You can proceed in a slightly different way than you would have done if the service was out, but by being loaded and making a spontaneous application, you show that you are in control. It is always important to adapt your application to each specific job you are applying for, but in the case of a spontaneous application, it is extra important that you base your application on why you turn to them. Another important factor is that you keep the initiative, if you have not called before you send your application, you can end up contacting them within a week. Then you have the ball with you and an application to refer to when you call.

tips to find you the hidden jobs

  • Read newspapers and keep an eye on the outside world!
  • Search for information on or, where there are statistics on which companies are doing well and may therefore be in need of staff.
  • Go to corporate fairs and business breakfasts – it’s easier to get a job if you find it before you get there.
  • Use your contacts and expand your network gradually.
  • Keep the initiative when applying – if you send out five applications a week, you follow them up with a call the following week.