Guidelines to handle Body Corporate Common Property and Unit Owner’s Property

In a Strata Property, the very question “Who is responsible for what?” leads to greater misunderstanding and confusion than any other subject. If a property or service is inside the unit, then its responsibility is with the unit owner. On the off chance, if it is outside your unit, it becomes the common property. In case of such community properties, it is the responsibility of Body Corporate(s) and the joint responsibility of all the owners.

There are several exceptions to this rule. Of course, it is impossible to identify and justify each one of these exceptions. We should have a “way of thinking” that serves as a guide in determining “who is liable for what?”

If a specific help or facility is shared, the expense is shared as well. This incorporates services like plumbing and water supply, for example. Be clear that Air conditioner drainage does not come under building plumbing. These pipes are for individual air conditioners and must be maintained and repaired by the unit owners.

The roof, walls, and verandas represent the building’s exterior. In most cases, the Body Corporate is responsible for the front gate(s), its fixtures, and the windows.

In any case, if a front door or lock is damaged because of the owner’s or tenant’s activities, then it is fair that they should be answerable and responsible for this repair. In such cases, the Body Corporate is still responsible for –

  • Ensuring that the front door fully complies with the regulations of fire department
  • Painting the door in appropriate colours
  • Also ensuring that the door lock or closer complies with the building’s security protocols.

Please refer to the Common Property Guidelines prepared by the Strata Community of your territory.

These recommendations help owners and committees in figuring out who is responsible for what when it comes to allocating costs to many parties.