Gridpave – the ideal paver for erosion control and water management

Never heard of Gridpave pavers? These workhorse pavers are the go-to when you need a heavy-duty solution to problems relating to water control and erosion – and they provide a striking appearance too. Here’s what you need to know.

What are Gridpave pavers?

Gridpave pavers are basically a thick (90mm) paver with a hole in the middle that can be filled with various materials. The pavers are generally square in shape (or a diamond shape when turned to the side) with bevelled edges.

They come in a unique four-leaf clover design that allow for a pattern to be quickly and easily created. They are purpose built for drainage, erosion control and water management, and can withstand heavy traffic and loads without any fuss. If you need a permeable pavement, Gridpave is the most eye-catching and functional answer.

Gridpave reduces rainwater run-off and protects sloping areas from rutting or eroding, while adding greenery, interest and style to an area. The idea of a permeable pavement is to allow rainwater or surface water to infiltrate though the surface of the pavement – something that doesn’t happen with a solid surface.

Installing a permeable pavement prevents water run-off, conserves precious resources and decreases water pollution and the potential for flooding. This is becoming increasingly important to reduce pressure on our stormwater and estuary systems that have to work hard to manage high volumes of surface water run off caused by land development.

These useful pavers can be installed in either a straight or an angled pattern, and can create a variety of different looks.

The inner area of each paver can be filled with grass or low plants as an interesting way to incorporate greenery into your design; or with other types of materials such as pebbles, sand, drainage gravel or decorative gravel.

This creates both visual and textural interest in your outdoor area; and what’s more, the unique and structural design of the paver lends itself to the creation of garden features or sculptures.

Advantages of Gridpave pavers

These unique and handy pavers are a popular choice for good reason. Gridpave pavers:

  • Provide heavy duty load bearing
  • Are useful for ground stabilisation
  • Greatly reduce soil erosion and degradation
  • Can be filled with grass, gravel, pebbles or other materials to create interest
  • Are an economical way to pave
  • Are easy to install with a single unit installation system
  • Come with spacer nibs to facilitate ease of laying and accurate 2 – 3mm joint width
  • Are low maintenance, particularly when combined with gravel infill
  • Provide long-lasting colours, using high quality oxide pigments
  • Are an attractive and unique method of paving that can create an eye-catching feature in your paved area
  • Come in two different colours to create a different look and feel, and to complement any décor or colour scheme

Where are Gridpave pavers commonly used?

  • Residential driveways
  • Tyre tracks
  • Car parks
  • Paths
  • Boat or caravan parking
  • Dam embankments
  • Vertical wall features or garden sculptures
  • Garden features

Where can you buy Gridpave pavers?

National Masonry is Australia’s leading retailer of Gridpave pavers, which are manufactured in Queensland to meet strict Australian standards. If you’re paving a residential or commercial area where sustainable water management is a necessity, find the perfect paver here: