Collaboration & roles at the workplace

Cooperation and a clear division of responsibilities are prerequisites for creating good working conditions.


  • Cooperation between employers and employees is regulated in the Work Environment.
  • Employers and employees must work together to achieve a good working environment.
  • Managers and safety representatives must work together in work environment work, but also have different roles.


  • The Work Environment Act states who is responsible for the work environment and how far the responsibility extends.
  • The main responsibility for the work environment lies with the employer.
  • The employees must participate in the work environment work, it is a mutual responsibility.


Why is the willingness to collaborate a prerequisite for creating a good working environment?

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Who does what?


  • Ensures that those assigned tasks, usually managers, have the authority, skills and resources needed.
  • Takes measures needed to prevent ill health and accidents.
  • Plans, leads and follows up the business systematically to meet the requirements of a good working environment.
  • Responsible for the availability of relevant occupational health care.
  • Investigates work injuries and incidents.
  • Report a work accident and incident with danger to life and health to the Swedish Work Environment Authority without delay.
  • Ensures that local protection activities get underway.

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