Body corporate administration

Body corporate administration

Body corporate administration refers to the management and maintenance of common property in a multi-unit development such as an apartment complex or a townhouse community.

The responsibility of the body corporate administration lies with the body corporate committee, which is elected by the owners of the units within the development.

The main role of the body corporate committee is to ensure that the common property is properly maintained and that all owners are abiding by the rules set out in the body corporate bylaws.

This includes enforcing rules related to the use of common areas, such as swimming pools, playgrounds and gardens, and ensuring that the building is properly insured.

The body corporate also manages the budget and finances of the development, including collecting levies from owners and paying for expenses such as repairs and maintenance.

In order to do this, the body corporate may hire a professional body corporate manager to assist with the administration and management of the development.

One of the key responsibilities of the body corporate committee is to keep the owners informed about important matters related to the development.

This includes holding regular meetings and distributing minutes, as well as communicating any changes to the bylaws or any major maintenance projects that are planned.

It is important for owners to be aware of their responsibilities as members of the body corporate. This includes paying their levies on time and adhering to the rules set out in the bylaws.

If an owner violates the bylaws, the body corporate committee may take action, which could include fines or legal action.

In conclusion, body corporate administration plays a crucial role in ensuring that multi-unit developments are well-maintained, safe and enjoyable places to live. The body corporate committee and professional body corporate managers are responsible for making important decisions and managing the finances of the development, while owners have a responsibility to pay their levies and follow the rules.

By working together, everyone can help to create a harmonious and well-functioning community.